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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 14, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. we begin with breaking news in the murder of the maryland state trooper wesley brown. police confirmed that have filed charges against a suspect in the case. a second suspect has been arrested, as well we go live to prince george's police headquarters with the latest. >> police officials will not confirm that a second suspect has been arrested. they have announced a 2:00 p.m. press conference and they will discuss a major updated their investigation.
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this comes after the so-called man in blue seen in the surveillance video footage was taken into custody saturday. investigators have two men in custody in connection with the fatal shooting of wesley brown. one of them is the man the blue shirt senior. prince george's county police have not released their identity and police will not allege which of them are the alleged shooter. >> he needs to be charged. hopefully, they will get justice out of a. >> trooper brown was working off-duty security and 30 minutes after a dispute with a customer, he was shot seven times in the parking lot. >> he always stayed out of trouble. >> in his never could, shock and sadness is turning into anger. -- in his neighborhood, shock and sadness is turning into anchor. >> he was a good guy.
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>> his friends are hoping this will bring closure. >> he was everybody's big brother. >> charges in the case are being worked out now. they will be filed today. the man in blue who was arrested saturday was held over the weekend on a lesser charge. more details will service at the 2:00 p.m. press conference. keep us posted. more breaking news out of prince george's county police in bowie are on on for a suspect after an officer was shot we go live to the scene at laurel-bowie rd.. >> at a snow "gas station, an employee crossed the street to go to the bank to drop off a deposit. police say he was jumped by a
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suspect. this suspect got the money. you can see that a car has its doors open and a suspect with the money jumped in a getaway car and an off-duty prince george's police officer saw bulk buying and blocked them off. he jumped out and another officer, jumped up and got the drug reported there was a chase on foot. they got into a struggle in the neighborhood about one block away. a gun goes off but it is unclear whether it was the officer's gun or the suspect's gun but both men were shot. they have non-life threatening injuries. this situation is still developing. it looks like traffic is mixed up there, as well. down to lorton, virginia where 12 bodies were found in a home this morning. fairfax county park -- where two
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bodies were found in a home this morning. they say this is an isolated incident. there is no reason for others in the community to be afraid. the victims' identities and how they died are not known at this time. police investigating a double homicide in prince george's county had two men shot last night. they were dead when police got there. police two desperate men were involved in the killing. is now day 56 of the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. president obama will visit the gulf coast again. he's beginning a two-day visit to mississippi, alabama, and florida as the oil continues to spread and frustrate. >> president obama is back on
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the beaches to assess the cleanup. the effects of the spill are more -- oil spill are more apparent. the pressure is on bp to speed up the claim -- cleanup. they have started installing the first pieces of a new system it says could contain 2 million gallons of oil every day. that is up for about 600,000 gallons now. sunday, the company started deploying centers to better measure the flow of crude oil. >> we are looking to see if there is more we can do. >> the coast guard has ordered a change in strategy, moving skimmer's further offshore. >> we have to fight this war between the short and the oil, maybe 50 miles off the coast. >> the president says bp needs to take responsibility for the economic and financial damage. he is asking for them to establish a fund for those affected by the oil leak. >> our mission is to hold them accountable in every appropriate
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way. >> of bp says their response to the bill carries a price tag of $1.6 billion already. president, will return to -- president obama will return tomorrow to address the nation on the state of the cleanup. at the eye is releasing secret files on the late senator edward kennedy. most of them concern death threats against appeared he was threatened when ran for president in 1980 and before that in the years following the assassination of his older brother. about 2000 pages are being released by the fbi. yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and temperatures are climbing again at caskey is here with a look at the first forecast. you hear the humidity when you step outside. 98 was the temperature at reagan national airport.
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we are likely to hit below 90's today. this is a time lapse from earlier this morning. there was considerable cloud cover earlier and now we have a lot of sunshine with patchy clouds. it is already in the low to mid 80's. it will get near 90 degrees and we cannot rule out an isolated storm this afternoon. we'll talk about more coming up. a crime inside mayor adrian fenty's owned garage happened. police are looking for the two made up with two of the mayor's bicycles. there were stolen out his garage while his security force was in the house. one officer watched the crime unfold on closed-circuit cameras. it is not clear whether the mayor was, at the time. the bicycles are said to be worth about $300 apiece.
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reduce the 14th street bridge could face another chaotic commute this afternoon. work on the bridge begins phase two today and that means a new kind of trip for drivers. >> for most drivers, it is a commuting nightmare. they are dealing with new construction and traffic changes. >> it is usually pretty crowded. i cannot stay -- say it was too much of a castle this morning. >> another driver said a different traffic pattern is in place cause confusion. >> i noticed it was harder to get over to the right. >> this is how the traffic pattern work. drivers coming off of the george washington parkway have their own lanes while the center line is closed for work to repave it. traffic heading north from i-395 has three lanes available. the real trouble begins up ahead.
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the distance is cut down because bowling closed for construction eventually reopened causing a potential messy march between traffic coming from the gw parkway and 395 north. >> before there was a half a mile march. nobody is really yielding. >> i expect that traffic but this is ridiculous. >> ddot officials continue to keep four of the five lanes open. drivers are quickly adjusted. >> we have been able to keep the same number of lanes open to drivers during this project and we will continue to do that until it is over. >> this traffic pattern will last up to five weeks and the project is intended to update the bridge and is set to go through 20 -- 2011. in northeast d.c., more changes there. ddot is creating a traffic circle at florida and new york
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ave. westbound florida avenue is one way between first and o st. anne eastbound traffic will have to make a right onto first street to turn onto new york ave. is graduation today for the walt whitman class of 2010. bob schieffer will address the class at constitution hall. he replaces helen thomas. she withdrew as commencement speaker. the 89-year-old white house reporter resigned from her job and apologized for saying jews should leave palestine and go back to countries like germany and poland. coming up, more tragedy in arkansas. today, rescuers are still searching and then, could afghanis be -- to be sitting on a fortune? we will tell you about it. >> this has been and will
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continue to be fighting pirates. >> everywhere is being offered in the search for a seven-year old boy who vanished from school. his family speaking out. stay close to the ac, adam
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arkansas officials have now found a 20th body after flash floods rushed through a popular campsite. heavy equipment was brought in to tear apart large piles of debris. volunteers used all terrain vehicles and searched the river which rose 20 feet in several hours. family members of the 20 victims are mourning loss of their loved ones.
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>> i cried and cried. >> 16 of the victims have been identified. they range in age from 2- 69 years old. afghanistan may be sitting on a gold mine, literally. the military and u.s. geologists say they have found nearly $1 trillion worth of untapped mineral deposits and afghanistan general david petraeus calls the find significant. it could be enough to turn the impoverished country into a lucrative mining nation for the minerals include gold, iron, copper, and industrial metals like lithium. 10 day staff reporter in oregon boy disappeared, officials are calling the search a criminal investigation. the seven-year old had been considered a missing and endangered child. he had a science project in
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class but never made it, the school bus. local teens and officials will keep looking. >> you mean everything to us and until you come home, this family is not complete please keep up the hope. >> police are not talking about specifically to our suspects but they are offering a $20,000 reward and say they are not giving up. two east coast interstate highways are back open after a massive fire shut down the road four hours. fire officials in north carolina say lightning struck a large gasoline tank and set off the fire. firefighters used special fund to put out the burning gas. i-40 and i-73 were both shut down. nobody was hurt. >> boy is hot out here. >> but said they could not calotte yesterday.
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>> don't want to get my air conditioning bill. today was the hottest days 04, 94 degrees. it looks hot outside with bad haze in the air. there is added humidity outside. it is 86 degrees in chesapeake beach and there is a time lapse. we had cloud cover across the region earlier. the clouds have moved out or broken up. alexandria is at 85 degrees. look at the dew point number on the right side of your screen upper 60 pause even 70's. that is when it becomes a press about side. that is what it is like -- that is that is when it becomes really oppressive outside.
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94 with a high temperature and the average is 84. we were two degrees shy of a record yesterday afternoon. the record today is 98 and we should be well below that. still, we are still 10 degrees above average. the grass pollen is still in a moderate range and molded in the lower range. we have a few storms off to work west in eastern kentucky the middle of the country as a busy system and that will push our way and will be the main whether maker by wednesday. that is our best chance of widespread showers and storms. tonight, partly cloudy skies, may be a lingering storm but few and far between. temperatures will drop down into the upper 60's for the low temperature downtown parade tomorrow, partly cloudy with a
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cool front dropping in this evening. it will be less humid tomorrow and more comfortable with temperatures in below 80's. we may be a few degrees below average over the next couple of days. we are looking for a break from the heat in the next couple of days. the humidity will rise a little bit on wednesday with a better chance of widespread storms. >> you just what happens to open up and rain. >> it don't want to be dressed in a suit all day. [laughter] you want to be at the water park. first live in michelle obama says she has a challenge for americans to help support military families. >> the rest of our country better understand and appreciate the incredible service of you and your families and to make sure your voices are heard back in washington and that your needs are met.
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>> the first i spoke to 3500 troops and their families at camp pendleton in california yesterday. before the speech, she met with some of the family's privately. barbara boxer spoke at the defense. u.s. companies could be forced to pay a bigger share of medical costs next year. a consulting company says for the first time most american workers are expected to have deductibles of $400 or more. the reports as u.s. companies will see a 9% increase in medical costs next year and says the new health care bill will do little to control costs. coming up, the tie that felt like a wind. we will update you on soccer. later today on oprah, a candid conversation with child molesters. here the tactics they used to seduce children. that is today at 4:00.
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a busy weekend in south africa at the world cup. for the u.s. it was the match against the motherland, u.s.a. vs. england and that ended in a tie, 1-1.
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it was that call that shook up the game, a fumble by the british goalie. since the saturday draw, the goalie is getting flak from british fans. >> this will be fantastic. >> team usa place this friday against the pilots' strike is grounding all flights through tomorrow. airline pilots have been digging through the weekend. they say their pay scale is lower than other airlines. management says the turned down eight raise another benefit. japanese probe is back on earth after a seven-year journey. it landed in the australian outback during its 4 billion miles a jury. it landed on an asteroid twice.
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scientists hope to study samples to see how that an asteroid was formed. still ahead, atom is look --
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how long will it last, adam? one more day and that will feel better. isolated storms this afternoon. tomorrow, partly cloudy and low 80's. wednesday is our best chance of seeing more widespread showers. it will still be cooler, in below 80's and we will have heat and humidity for the weekend. >> you for joining us and we will see you back here at 5:00 a.m. have a great day.
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